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Amber polish high gloss surface

Amber polish Amber polish creates a high gloss and beautiful surfaceProduct: amber polishCondition: NewMaterial: polishing compoundWeight approx. 3 grams

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Reference: E-521

Amber studs earrings, silver-925 - E-521

Earrings with Silver 925- Beautiful earrings/earrings in 925 silver with amber. High quality by hand processed by our amber artist in Gdansk. An absolute eye-catcher through the beautiful enclosure.Product: Bernstein-OhrConnector-Earrings Stone: Real Baltic natural amber with Certificate of AuthenticityState: New Material: Real silver,...

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Amber Art

Amber Art

Baltic amber art buy online

In the Baltic countries there are many art craftsmen who maintain this ancient, honorable tradition of amber carving. Some of the amber designers from Gdansk make with great care the artworks and Baltic amber carvings that you can find here.

The amber sculptures combined with silver, other precious stones, designer glass or precious wood are made in our workshop in Gdańsk by experienced amber masters. The amber sculptures and figurines made of amber can be used for decoration.

A small amber sculpture, such as animal figurines as amber -elephants, -dogs or -cats, is very suitable as souvenirs to give away. There are also amber lamps, amber window pictures or wine decanters and champagne glasses with amber silver decoration. The amber products presented by us have a certificate of authenticity and are made of natural Baltic gemstone, amber. We guarantee high quality of the amber used. 

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Carved Bernstein-owl a unique

Very nice design, purest handwork, gripped with real amber-one unique piece! Length approx.: 10 cm Width approx.: 10,5 cm Depth approx.: 6,8 cm  402 gr.

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Reference: Zuckerlöffelchen

Silver spoon with amber

The spoon in 925 silver with amber. High quality handcrafted by our amber artists in Gdansk. Absolute eye-catcher thanks to the beautiful edging.Product:Amber sugar spoon with silver 925Stone: real Baltic natural amber with certificate of authenticityState:NewMaterial: Real silver, sterling silver 925 without added nickel , stamped and shadedshape,...

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