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E-509 Studs

StudsSterling silver, 925 nickel freeReal natural amberColor: cognac Size: XS, very smallModern, smooth, elegant, simple, round, timeless,

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Amber Necklace

Amber Necklace

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A luxurious, beautiful and unique natural amber necklace for example in olive shape. Such necklace jewelry completes the looks.  A new necklace with amber beads makes the with its large cognac-yellow stones a business blouse look much cooler.  One more look in the mirror - the look is on. 

Classic amber necklaces for everyday wear

An amber necklace for every day should be simple, but most importantly fit the fashion style. This is the case when it harmonizes with the clothes and the rest of the jewelry. Amber everyday necklaces can be put together with a blouse in the office, but also with a t-shirt in leisure time. Amber necklaces are a good choice, matching the outfit. An amber necklace can be a favorite piece to wear with a polo shirt as well as a summer dress. 

Elegant amber necklaces for festive occasions

Amber necklaces are as much a part of a festive occasion as a black cocktail dress. Classic gold-colored Baltic amber necklaces or amber necklaces look elegant and tasteful. With finely crafted faceted amber beads or amber balls, they stand out particularly well against your clothing and draw attention to your neck and face. 

Striking amber necklaces for the party

The plainer the dress, the more eye-catching the amber necklace may be. For a party, large necklaces made of real natural amber stones are a good alternative to the unusual outfit. Amber statement necklaces add pomp to the look. A plain jumpsuit or a simple dress gains expressiveness with a large piece of amber jewelry. Statement necklaces with colored amber beads are usually short and therefore go well with favorite dresses.

Long or short amber necklaces 

Do you prefer a short amber necklace or a long one? That depends on which part of the body you want to draw attention to. Short necklaces accentuate the neck and make it look wider. If you have a long and slender neck, a short amber necklace balances that out somewhat. Medium length amber necklaces, on the other hand, stretch the body. Long chains with natural amber emphasize the area of the upper abdomen or waist. Which chain works well depends on the proportions. Clothing should also be considered when making a decision: Large, neck to medium-length chains are suitable for a round neckline, long chains for a turtleneck and those in a V or Y shape for a V-neckline.

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Butterscotch OLIVES amber necklace

Antique natural amber necklace in olive shape, milky yellow Beautiful olive chain made of antique natural amber, handcrafted to a high quality and completely refurbished by our amber specialists in Gdansk.Product: olive and amber necklaceStone: genuine Baltic natural amber with a certificate of authenticityCondition: used, antique, vintage,...

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