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Amber polish high gloss surface

Amber polish Amber polish creates a high gloss and beautiful surfaceProduct: amber polishCondition: NewMaterial: polishing compoundWeight approx. 3 grams

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Reference: E-521

Amber studs earrings, silver-925 - E-521

Earrings with Silver 925- Beautiful earrings/earrings in 925 silver with amber. High quality by hand processed by our amber artist in Gdansk. An absolute eye-catcher through the beautiful enclosure.Product: Bernstein-OhrConnector-Earrings Stone: Real Baltic natural amber with Certificate of AuthenticityState: New Material: Real silver,...

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Amber pendant, gold-plated

Amber pendant, gold-plated

Buy gold plated amber jewelry pendants online. 

Gold plated amber pendants are made of sterling silver 925 (No nickel added), then gold plated with gold 585 and set with natural amber stones. Gold plated amber pendants are a great choice. The gemstones are designed from simple and subtle to sophisticated ornate.

A sterling silver 925 gold plated with gold 585 amber necklace pendant adds the finishing touch to a necklace, as a gold plated amber necklace pendant draws the eye and puts the focus on the neck and décolleté of the observer. Since gold plated amber pendants are usually worn with a gold chain, it is possible to combine necklaces with any amber pendants in different colors from cognac yellow brown beige reddish or milky white to even black or green amber, thus always presenting neck and décolleté in a different way.

Gold-plated amber pendants offer in great design variety from solitaire pendants to cross pendants you can buy in our amber store. Whether discreet amber jewelry pendants or solitaire pendants with a single amber, amber drop pendants, amber pendants with symbolic power such as amber heart pendants, amber cross pendants or amber flower pendants and amber animal motif pendants. You can combine a gold chain as a basic with a gold plated amber chain pendant of your choice for any occasion.

Amber medallions, small and large amber hearts or amber crosses, here you will find the right amber chain pendant, Appealing in design, high quality in material and workmanship. Whether birthday, communion, anniversary or Christmas, in our amber store you will find the right amber gift for every occasion. If there is just no occasion, then just give yourself a gift.

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