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Amber polish high gloss surface

Amber polish Amber polish creates a high gloss and beautiful surfaceProduct: amber polishCondition: NewMaterial: polishing compoundWeight approx. 3 grams

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Reference: E-521

Amber studs earrings, silver-925 - E-521

Earrings with Silver 925- Beautiful earrings/earrings in 925 silver with amber. High quality by hand processed by our amber artist in Gdansk. An absolute eye-catcher through the beautiful enclosure.Product: Bernstein-OhrConnector-Earrings Stone: Real Baltic natural amber with Certificate of AuthenticityState: New Material: Real silver,...

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Amber earrings, gold-plated

Amber earrings, gold-plated

Buy gold plated amber earrings online.

Gold plated amber earrings are made of sterling silver 925 (no nickel added), gold plated with gold 585 and set with genuine natural amber stones. Gold plated earrings are available in a wide selection from modern or timeless to playful and delicate. Striking gold plated amber earrings are a statement & individuality.

Gold plated amber earrings are a great way to adorn a lady's ear and face. With a gold plated natural amber earring, it becomes really individual. Amber earrings make its wearer very special. Our amber designers are constantly creating new gold-plated models in combination with real natural amber, which are convincing in terms of quality, design and workmanship.

Gold plated amber earrings are the right thing for your outfit. For evening occasions, the earring is also a great choice. Materials like sterling silver 925 with gold 585 instantly transform your "little black dress" into a stunningly feminine outfit.

Gold-plated earrings represent an extra dose of elegance. They can be subtly striking or extravagant. Gold earrings or creoles are just the thing for fashion and style conscious ladies. Gold-plated earrings are a real eye-catcher. Precious materials such as gold and silver paired with amber stones in different shades, from cognac yellow to reddish brown or beige to milky white, butterscotch amber or green amber, make gold-plated stud earrings or earrings very flexible and versatile.

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