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Amber polish high gloss surface

Amber polish Amber polish creates a high gloss and beautiful surfaceProduct: amber polishCondition: NewMaterial: polishing compoundWeight approx. 3 grams

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Reference: E-521

Amber studs earrings, silver-925 - E-521

Earrings with Silver 925- Beautiful earrings/earrings in 925 silver with amber. High quality by hand processed by our amber artist in Gdansk. An absolute eye-catcher through the beautiful enclosure.Product: Bernstein-OhrConnector-Earrings Stone: Real Baltic natural amber with Certificate of AuthenticityState: New Material: Real silver,...

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Amber brooches

Amber brooches

Buy amber brooches and pin online

Amber brooches and amber pins made of sterling silver 925 are jewelry to pin on clothing such as jackets, coats and blazers but also on sweaters, T-shirts or blouses. They can be fastened mainly with a safety clasp.

Properly placed, amber brooches are eye-catching and have the potential to instantly enhance any outfit. Today, brooches are deliberately used as stylish accessories. 

Our assortment includes pin and amber brooches with animal motifs or flower pins that differ in shape, color.

Animal brooches are playful and fancy and a very special eye-catcher.The patterns range from owls and cats to geckos, beetles or spiders.

Flower brooches are delicate and romantic and give every outfit that certain something.

Amber brooches look especially good when the garment they are worn on is chosen to be simple and understated. Thus, brooches on monochrome outfits are very special eye-catchers. Brooches can also be worn on the top button of a shirt or on scarves or bags, or as an embellishment on hats. To pin on blouses, sweaters or jackets provided with a safety pin. The patterns are very diverse and individual.

Made of sterling silver 925 and set with natural amber stones. Without added nickel.

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Amber pendant "Spider" with silver-925

Beautiful pendant in 925 silver with amber. High quality handcrafted by our amber artists in Gdansk. Absolute eye-catcher thanks to the beautiful edging.Product: Amber pendant - SpiderStone: real Baltic natural amber with certificate of authenticityState: NewMaterial: Real silver, sterling silver 925 without added...

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