Reference: Amber polish

Amber polish high gloss surface

Amber polish Amber polish creates a high gloss and beautiful surfaceProduct: amber polishCondition: NewMaterial: polishing compoundWeight approx. 3 grams

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Reference: E-521

Amber studs earrings, silver-925 - E-521

Earrings with Silver 925- Beautiful earrings/earrings in 925 silver with amber. High quality by hand processed by our amber artist in Gdansk. An absolute eye-catcher through the beautiful enclosure.Product: Bernstein-OhrConnector-Earrings Stone: Real Baltic natural amber with Certificate of AuthenticityState: New Material: Real silver,...

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    P-081 Amber Pendant, silver-925, cognac, unique, angular, M,


    Amber pendant with silver 925

    Beautiful pendant in 925 silver with amber. High quality handcrafted by our amber artists in Gdansk. Absolute eye-catcher due to the beautiful edging.

    Product:Amber pendant
    Stone:genuine Baltic natural amber with a certificate of authenticity!
    Material:Real silver, sterling silver 925 without added nickel, stamped high-gloss polished
    Shape, design
    • ectangular
    • square
    • Timeless
    • elegant
    • modern

    Dimension / size approx .:

    loop:13 mm
    Length without loop30 mm
    Length with loop43 mm
    Width:17 mm
    Size: M medium

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    Amber ectangular pendant with silver 925 P-081

    Our amber jewelry is made from genuine Baltic natural amber and 925 sterling silver Handcrafted (without added nickel) in high quality in the amber city of Gdansk by our masters.

    All amber products have a certificate of authenticity!

    Amber is a natural product, which is why every amber is unique.
    The shading and transparency may differ slightly from the illustration.

    Any deviations are natural and testify to the authenticity and high quality of the product.

    The images are shown enlarged / reduced. Please refer to the description for the dimensions.

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    Beautiful pendant in 925 silver with amber. High quality handcrafted by our amber artists in Gdansk. Absolute eye-catcher thanks to the beautiful edging.Product: Amber pendant - SpiderStone: real Baltic natural amber with certificate of authenticityState: NewMaterial: Real silver, sterling silver 925 without added...

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